Written Testimonials

Written Testimonials
André Pedersen, Norway

André Pedersen is a 31 year old Team Member from Norway with experience as a football (soccer) coach, personal trainer, and masseur. He was first introduced to Synergy WorldWide by his mother who was taking ProArgi-9+ and experiencing great results. Although skeptical at first, André checked the ingredients on the ProArgi-9+ canister and immediately realized its possible benefits.

Upon hearing a presentation on ProArgi-9+ and Mistica, André desired to try the products himself before he could recommend them to anyone else. “I’ve always been skeptical of nutritional supplements as there are so many products in circulation that aren’t exactly what they claim to be,” André says. “More often than not, these products fail to reach high quality standards. If I recommend products that do not meet customer expectations, I will destroy my name and reputation, and thus lose my income.”

Before taking the products, André took a cardio test on the treadmill and recorded the results. After the test, he began taking both products, which consisted of 4 scoops of ProArgi-9+ and 100 ml of Mistica every day. It didn’t take long before the benefits started to appear.

André experienced better sleeping habits and felt rested and energized throughout the entire day. During strength training, he had more to give without experiencing the negative side effects of prolonged muscle fatigue. His recovery time improved despite the fact that he was training harder, and he noticed improvements to his skin and circulation.

After 3 months, André retook the cardio test and improved his time by 2.30 minutes. Experiencing these results in that short amount of time was miraculous and it was all contributed to ProArgi-9+ and Mistica. As part of the experiment, André stopped taking the products and could feel the repercussions immediately.

To get a second opinion, André emptied a canister of ProArgi-9+, replaced it with pharmaceutical L-arginine, and gave it to his girlfriend. After some time his girlfriend said, “André, I don’t think the ProArgi-9+ is doing anything, it seems to have no effect at all.” After receiving the feedback, André gave his girlfriend a fresh canister of ProArgi-9+ and the difference was obvious. “André, I think the ProArgi-9+ is working. I now have so much more energy during my workouts.”

“Synergy Worldwide has outstanding products, and they are the first products that I can really vouch for and recommend strongly to others.”

—André Pedersen, Norway

Joel Higginson, USA

While training for a half marathon, Joel Higginson ran for two months and started to get back into shape. Knowing the benefits of Synergy’s products, he decided to incorporate one stick pack of ProArgi-9+ Active, two scoops of ProArgi-9+, and one scoop of Core Greens into his daily exercise regimen.

Joel immediately noticed great improvements to his running time. More importantly, he noticed a decreased buildup of lactic acid, he felt less fatigued, he recovered much faster and was able to do things that he wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Overall, the combined products helped keep his body in harmony.

“I’ve been active my entire life,” Joel says. “I’ve always loved athletics and Synergy’s products truly make a difference for me and my ability to work out, run, and recover. They really improve the way I feel.”

And it’s not just Joel who’s benefiting from Synergy products. “My buddies don’t really think about their heart health. At 33 years old, they just don’t think about stuff like that,” says Joel. “My buddies are now taking ProArgi-9+ because I told them, ‘Hey, it’s good for your workout. It’s good for your ability to prolong your exercise.’ They are taking ProArgi-9+ before going to the gym and now everybody’s getting a better workout.”

“My wife is turning into a runner as well,” he continues. “If you want to see someone panic, try removing ProArgi-9+ from our cupboards,” he jokes. “One time, I took all our ProArgi-9+ with me on a trip. She called me the second she noticed and insisted that I immediately replace it the day I got home. She loves it as much as I do!”

—Joel Higginson, USA

Judy Booth, Canada

“My husband and I were introduced to Synergy’s ProArgi-9+ in early December 2010; however I was a bit skeptical about using it.

My husband has circulation issues and wanted an alternative, more natural method – so he started taking ProArgi-9+ right away. Within a couple of weeks of taking the product, we noticed that his circulation reached a healthy level. I had difficulty sleeping and suffered we pain and fatigue so at this point, I decided to give ProArgi-9+ a try.

On December 27, 2010 I started using ProArgi-9+ and to my surprise, week by week, I began feeling better. My pain and fatigue have significantly diminished. It has been just over a year now since starting ProArgi-9+ and I now have the best sleep, I can eat carbs and sweets without getting headaches or migraines, which I couldn’t do before – I’m loving it!

I know ProArgi-9+ has helped my body to function better to where I now feel the best I have felt in a very long time. In comparison with other products we have taken in the past, ProArgi-9+ has made the most profound effect on our health and in such a short time! Thanks to Synergy and ProArgi-9+ I got my life back.”

—Judy Booth, Canada

Barbara Ballas, USA

“Back in April 2010 I began noticing a decline in my circulation. My feet became so cold that I had to wear 2 pair of socks and winter boots in the summer and use two electric blankets at night to get to sleep. Before long, a toe on each foot went numb. In working with my doctor, tests confirmed that my circulation had worsened.

In November 2010, after using 4 scoops of ProArgi-9+ each day for six weeks, I noticed that all of my previous health concerns had disappeared. I no longer needed the double socks, winter boots, and electric blankets. My doctors confirmed that my circulation had improved and is now within a healthy, normal range.

Now today, after a little more than one year on ProArgi-9+, I can say that my cardiovascular system has experienced a significant enhancement. I know my circulation is optimal and that my body is able to regulate the many processes necessary for happy and healthy living. I have an incredible amount of energy; I have not had allergy attacks for the first time in 15 years, and am now able to breathe so much better. Thank you Synergy WorldWide and ProArgi-9+.”

—Barbara Ballas, USA

Wayne Sechrest

“What makes my day and keeps me going, is hearing my clients share their stories on how ProArgi-9+ has changed their lives. Nothing is better than hearing from those individuals who I have challenged to start taking ProArgi-9+. These amazing stories and the remarkable results from using ProArgi-9+, motivates me to continue to share how ProArgi-9+ will improve health using Nobel Prize winning science. Sometimes we don’t realize how many people need us to share this miraculous dietary supplement with them.

Synergy is an amazing science-based wellness company that offers a product called ProArgi-9+. This product can help dramatically change lives. I have witnessed the results of ProArgi9+ in many individuals who use ProArgi-9+ to improve their health. By doing so, I have seen them improve their health, stamina, and outlook while also enjoying less medical interventions.

For example: after just a few months taking ProArgi-9+, a client of mine has had such remarkable results, such that 6 of her family and friends have started using ProArgi-9+. This client is in her 80’s and got an “A+” from here doctor recently after years of serious circulatory related problems. Today her circulation is back to normal after fighting to normalize it for decades, thanks to ProArgi-9+. How many lives can we influence for good by introducing them to the best l-arginine supplement in the marketplace? It gets results!”

—Wayne Sechrest

Lenir Riehl, USA

“I had been looking for a product that could enhance circulation and also act as a preventative measure of heart health concerns. I have a personal family history of cardiovascular concerns, so I knew I needed to be proactive in my own health to prevent myself from that same road. At this time of research, I experienced shortness of breath that was really starting to bother me. When I found ProArgi-9+, I decided to give it a shot and was soon amazed that after taking it twice a day for a couple of months, that my shortness of breath was gone, my stamina increased and I was sleeping better. I always walk for at least 1/2 hour everyday, but now I walk with gusto! When we say that Synergy products provide health from “the top of the head to the big toe” we are not kidding!”

—Lenir Riehl, USA

Auntie Marie

“In 1995 I had a virus which partially paralyzed the trunk of my body. I couldn’t walk or move myself and needed to be carried everywhere. Post virus I was diagnosed with EpsteinBarrs. As of October of last year, I was able to work myself up to playing 9 holes of golf; however, I needed to drink an energy drink at hole 5 to make it through the remaining four holes. Following each golf outing, I would always have to return home and sleep. I had difficulty sleeping and often had to sleep sitting up with three pillows as a result of acid reflux. I slept for a few hours in the afternoon at least once or twice a week because of the severe energy dips. I started taking ProArgi-9+ in August 2011 and am now using the entire V3 system (ProArgi-9+, Mistica, Core Greens). My energy has soared and I can now sleep soundly with a single pillow. I no longer have to sleep during the day, I have energy in the evenings, and I now play 18 holes of golf happily! My life is finally back to normal. Thank you Synergy.”

—Auntie Marie

Rita Vigil, USA

“Drinking 8 ounces of ProArgi-9+, 30 minutes prior to working out,will help you burn fat, recover faster, go longer and build muscle AND IT’S ALL NATURAL! It’s helping me run faster in my half marathons! San Diego half marathon here I come — I’m ready for another personal record.”

—Rita Vigil, USA

Braden Jex, USA

“I have been working at Synergy Worldwide Customer Service for over five years now. This company has been an awesome company to work for, they take very good care of the employees. Working in customer service has been a great job while I have been working towards my undergraduate degree.

I am a believer of our products because I have used them in my life to better my health. My top three favorite products are ProArgi-9+, Mistica, and the Repair Complex. Mistica is honestly the best antioxidant product out there, and is the best immune boosting drink I’ve ever tried. Everytime I feel like I am getting sick I just drink a glass of Mistica and I am feeling better in no time. E9 runs close behind the Repair Complex as a top favorite. I used E9 on the day I took the MCAT (Medical College Admisison Test) to keep myself awake and alert early in the morning as I took the exam. I have since been accepted to medical school so my time as an employee at Synergy is drawing to a close, but I have made many life-long friends and memories working here at the company.”

—Braden Jex, USA

Stephanie Person, USA

“I am Stephanie Person from Chicago, Illinois. I am a proud wife and stay at home Mom. When Synergy came into my life about 6 months ago, I can honestly say I was resistant in taking ProArgi-9+. I thought – I am in my late 20s with 15 years of competitive gymnastics under my belt, why would I take a product for heart health? My heart is healthy!

What I have come to learn is that no one is too old or too young to take ProArgi-9+. At the young age of 28 I already have hardening of the arteries even though I exercise and eat right. For me, supplementation is crucial. I feel SO much better incorporating ProArgi-9+ into my DAILY routine. For a busy Mom on the go, I absolutely love the way I feel!

On the business side, I am so excited for my future with Synergy Worldwide. This allows me to truly put my family first and stay home with my son. Now, my passion is to save the world one heart at a time. Thanks Synergy Worldwide! Can you feel the love? :)”

—Stephanie Person, USA

Willie K, USA

“Before I dive into my testimony, ask yourself this question, “How much is my life really worth?” When you look into the eyes of your children, ask yourself, “Am I going to be around when they get married or graduate?” I know these aren’t really questions that are important to most people – but when the time comes (and my time has come), you will ask yourself, “Have I really done much to care for the people that I love most? It is said that when a man loses his money – he loses a little, when he loses his home – he’s lost a little more, but when he loses his health he has lost EVERYTHING!

Aloha, my name is Willie Kahaialii, aka Willie K. With this product testimonial I want to say that I will put 1000% of my career on the line to have anybody prove me wrong!

For the past three solid years, I have been living with chronic pain in my joints. As an entertainer you have to be on your best performance at all times. During this time I was not a pleasant person to talk to. I was always grumpy or very uncomfortable with people, never giving them the time of day. I didn’t respect my place of work or give it my all in each of my stage performances. I constantly walked with a cane and sometimes had to walk with a pair of crutches. Imagine living like this and touring around the world where you have no one to help or comfort you.

I, like many others in similar situations, was looking for a remedy of any kind that did not require a doctor’s prescription. I searched the internet and stumbled on a few options. I tried them; hoping they’d provide some relief, however, they only cushioned the situation, rather than helping remedy the actual problem. I have tried the top brands both in and out of network marketing, but they have all failed. Little by little I found myself staying away from network marketing companies, finding my credit bills were piling up – along with my health deteriorating due to the stress.

A few years ago I started a festival here in Hawaii and was using a particular product – hoping to relieve the severe join pain I suffered – but it didn’t work, as I was forced to continue relying on my cane to walk. Come 2011, for the next festival, the emergency medical team for my martial arts tournament approached me and asked if I had heard about ProArgi-9+? Of course I said no. He told me that he had given some to my brother and wondered why no one had called me about it. He proceeded to tell my how this product had helped his energy level went through the roof and that he had even lost weight. Now, if you’re asking, “Was I questioning the sales pitch?” you bet I was! But what caught my attention was that he also mentioned the product enhanced the cardiovascular system by improving circulation through the arteries. With that, my bat ears stood up and he caught my full attention.

I was sold and wanted to know more. So I gave him my personal email and later he provided me with a website where I could go learn more about this product, the science behind it, information on the Nobel Prize, and video testimonies of people who used the product, ALL WHO WERE LOCAL ISLANDER PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF! I said ok, I have to at least try this one more time. I later made the call, which was the best thing I have ever done for myself – the greatest phone call in the world.

The first week of trying ProArgi-9+, I started getting up from bed early. The day after that first week, I ended up landscaping my entire yard! My energy level was like a space shuttle, I had to go somewhere, do something! I’m an artist, so I started creating songs, coming up with new ideas for my business, making phone calls to anyone that needed help with anything. My aloha level went 150% above normal. At the end of every performance people would say, “You are the greatest, happiest entertainer we’ve ever seen.” My lifestyle changed quickly – I used to smoke, but now I have no desire to light up. Even drinking coffee was an obsession and now I’ve eliminated that, I mean why would I need coffee? ProArgi-9+ already gives me the wakeup call I need!

Six weeks ago I weighed 345 pounds. Now I’m down to 320lbs (change of diet has also contributed to this). I’m training again. I remember three years ago I tried to train, only to find myself bed-ridden for a week because of the severe joint pain. I was only benching 135lbs and couldn’t do that without any pain inflicted the next day. Now, within six weeks, I’m benching 195lbs, I dead lift 300lbs, and curl 75lbs!!! I’m not saying this product gave me super powers, it just gave me the soul cleansing that I needed to get back to what I use to do when I was 18 years old!

I’m 51 years old and am the happiest individual in the world! People watch me run upstairs, doing 2 hour shows and not being tired at the end of the evening. A lot of miracles are happening to me and I’m just getting started. Believe me when I say this, there is always room to change your life – as long as you have faith within yourself – the choice is yours.”

—Warmest Aloha, Willie K, USA

Margaret Baldock, USA

“ProArgi-9+has turned my life around. My doctor was very supportive when I started taking ProArgi-9+ and as he took me off my pharma drug for the pain in my foot from arthritis. He is encouraged that I have absolutely no more pain and can participate in dance exercise to get back into shape. I am grateful to my family for caring enough to share this wonderful natural product.”

—Margaret Baldock, USA

Shantel Schmidek, Canada

“Synergy has let me workout again! I was hardly able to do cardio the last few years — I would get super tired and it felt like I could barely breath. I barely played sports or workout because I was frustrated. ProArgi-9+ Active has let me workout harder than I have ever been able to do. It took my cardio workouts from 20 minutes to an entire hour! It makes me WANT to workout — I have 8 more days left of my 30/30 challenge at the gym and will keep going after that. I feel so much better now and have so much more energy! Thanks Synergy for letting me do something I love again!! 2012 – the best year ever!”

—Shantel Schmidek, Canada

Phil Hickman, USA

“At the age of 58 I was faced with two significant events that greatly impacted my cardiovascular health. Grateful to be alive, my doctors warned me that I would never run, swim or play basketball ever again – my heart “could not support the physical exertion,” they said.

Over the course of the next 8 years, I slowly put their warning to the test. My love for physical activity and the need to improve my cardiovascular health was now a huge priority. I had tried multiple supplements, hoping to find a natural support for my heart as I began exercising. Regardless of the many supplements I tried, I never seemed to notice any real difference.

As the years progressed, I slowly incorporated running, biking, and swimming into my workouts – but only on an individual basis, never trying to do more than one activity in a single day or week – at least until I was introduced to ProArgi-9+.

Three months ago Lorin Leavitt told me about ProArgi-9+. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I immediately tried the product.

Last year I was able to complete a 32.5 mile bike ride, which was a huge accomplishment. However, my goal for this year was to hit 40 miles. The first day I took ProArgi-9+ was amazing! I felt so good that I thought I’d try a mini sprint triathlon. That day I completed a 500 meter swim, 3 mile run, and 15 mile bike ride. I was amazed at how good I felt!

In fact, two days later, I decided to try another bike ride – this time instead of riding 32.5 – I completed the 40 miles! Two days following my bike ride I completed a second mini sprint triathlon, swimming 1000 meters, running 2 miles, and biking 11 miles! I honestly couldn’t believe my energy levels and how my body recovered after these workouts.

If that wasn’t enough, three days after my second mini sprint triathlon, I decided to hop on my bike again. However, this time I didn’t ride 40 miles – instead I rode 50!

I can honestly say that ProArgi-9+ has done amazing things for my health. My heart has never felt better and I’m doing things that I, nor my doctors, would have ever thought possible eight years ago.

My new goal for 2012 has now been increased to a 60 mile bike ride! I’ll definitely keep you posted!”

—Phil Hickman, USA

Bob Matheson

“I’ve discovered that ProArgi-9+ is amazing and is one of the best things that I have done for myself. I have had cardiovascular health challenges for the past 30 years and within a couple of months of taking PA-9+ my doctor and myself have seen a dramatic improvement in my energy, circulation and most importantly the improvement of my cardiovascular well being. I am truly grateful for this product and am sharing with family and friends.”

—Bob Matheson

Roxanne Seely, USA

“I am so excited, after just 3 months of daily workouts and watching my food portions, as well as my twice daily consumption of the wonderful and tasty Maximum Protein, I am thrilled to share that I have lost 25 pounds. Maximum Protein is delicious and very filling as well as loaded with protein. It makes me feel satisfied. I also LOVE the ProArgi9 Active. It gives me the stamina to complete my workout and I know it has contributed to my ability to get myself out of bed every morning to head to the gym. If you haven’t tried either of these products…what are you waiting for? Stay tuned because this is only the beginning.”

—Roxanne Seely, USA

Bart Woodcook, USA

“Synergy’s V3 has changed my life forever, especially ProArgi-9+! I’ve always had poor circulation, until now. Thank you Synergy for all that you do to provide us with the best products in the industry! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t hear an amazing testimony about these products. I’m so excited about being part of the biggest cause-driven opportunity on the planet!”

—Bart Woodcook, USA

Dennis Kelly, USA

With over 34 years of experience in several styles of martial arts, Dennis Kelly has earned the rights to be called “Grand Master Kelly” in the world of martial arts. At the ripe young age of 73, Master Kelly is an 11-time national champion and 5-time world champion in the martial arts arena.

Currently rated number two in the world and the oldest man to ever achieve this status, Grand Master Kelly understands the importance of healthy living and unleashing the power from within. “Age is only a number,” says Master Kelly, “and inside each of us lays a champion.”
As a young man Kelly, as he prefers to be called, was faced with multiple obstacles to overcome. Bombarded by an unstable home life, an abusive alcoholic father, and low self-esteem, Kelly spent much of his youth just trying to get through each day. In his early twenties, after two decades of zero support and ridicule, Kelly decided it was time to prove everyone wrong.

Over the next 25+ years Kelly went from being labeled a “failure” to a complete success in nearly every realm he competed in, from ballroom dance to now, a world champion martial artist at the age of 73.

The power of the mind is essential, however proper nutrition is vital when it comes to competing. When introduced to ProArgi-9+ in 2009, Master Kelly immediately noticed a difference in his physical output and recovery. “I noticed within a few days after using ProArgi-9+ that I was able to increase my workout time by an hour and my recover time after a hard 3-hour workout at the gym was much quicker,” says Kelly. “My strength with the weights also increased by 20% the first week and up to 30% by the third week.”

Amongst his many certifications, Kelly is also a certified sports nutritionist. “I have been researching for years all the information on Nutritional Science I can find and in my opinion, ProArgi-9+ and ProArgi-9+ Active are the most scientifically advanced products of its kind.”

In fact, Kelly attributes the effectiveness of ProArgi-9+ Active to his ability to perform at a recent Pan American International Karate Championship. “I know without a shadow of doubt that the combination of ProArgi-9+ Active and ProArgi-9+ contributed to my best performance of the year.” During this competition, Grand Master Kelly placed second all while competing against 14 other men 20 years younger than he.

—Dennis Kelly, USA

Cindy Solomon, USA

“After hearing this from so many people, it starts to sound cliché, but I’m saying it anyway – PROARGI-9+ SAVED MY LIFE!!!

For six years, I was riddled with serious health concerns as a result of a very poor immune system. Due to a very demanding and stressful career, along with some family trauma, my body was simply not strong enough to provide the immune protection I needed. I was spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month on supplements and nothing was working. My friend, and soon thereafter sponsor, introduced me to ProArgi-9+, and I thought, “What do I have to lose?”

I took 4 scoops/day for the first week, 3 scoops/day for the second week, and then 2 scoops /day thereafter. After three weeks my health concerns disappeared AND ever since they have not resurfaced!!! That was 6 months ago – and I will continue taking ProArgi-9+ for the rest of my life. I no longer spend hundreds of dollars on supplements – ProArgi-9+ is the only one I need. In the meantime, my circulation has improved – which has been validated by both me and my doctor! I am a true believer in that miracle molecule – nitric oxide! My wish is that the entire world discovers it as well!”

—Cindy Solomon, USA
Sandy Schmidek, Canada

“My name is Sandy Schmidek, I live in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada. ProArgi-9+ has done amazing things for me and my health – a lot of which I can’t say for health claim/compliant reasons. With all my health concerns, I decided I needed to find something I could take that would be natural that wouldn’t affect my heart, my liver, and help get my memory back the way it was. My husband started looking and a freind of his introduced us to a product called ProArgi-9+. This product has Changed everything in my life. After taking ProArgi-9+ for 4 ½ months, my doctor was amazed at my progress and continues to me amazed. Also, for the last 15 years sleeping was nearly impossible at night and would cause me to be in almost a complete daze during the days. Soon after taking ProArgi-9+, my husband noticed I was starting to fall asleep normally – without any sleep aids – and would only wake up once or twice at night, compared to 6-7. I now wake up more rested and relaxed and with so much more energy than I have had in years!

My kids love that I have my health back and I’m able to do things with them again instead of always being tired and having no energy. My husband was so sold on the fact that his wife’s health was back, he joined Synergy to Help Impact Thousands of Lives that can change like ours has. This company is incredible and four our family, we have found a company and product we want to share with the world. We are committed to helping people learn more about this company and all the benefits of its great product and together with our team, we will impact thousands of lives. Thanks to Dan Higginson and Synergy for Everything, without this amazing product our lives would never be the same.”

—Sandy Schmidek, Canada
Melea Marsh

“I love the children I work with! All their germs? Not as much. Between the kids and my EXTREMELY long drive to work (100 miles) you might think I would be tired and run down all of the time. That’s where Synergy comes in! All the product I take has done wonder for my immune system, not to mention my complexion! Because of all the amazing things it does for me I want to share ProArgi-9+, and the rest of Synergy’s products, with everyone I know!”

—Melea Marsh
Kellie Turley, USA

“I used to have foot pain to where it always felt like I was walking on glass. After using ProArgi-9+ for a while, my foot pain disappeared! I love ProArgi-9+.”

—Kellie Turley, USA
Tammy Kopp, USA

I have been taking ProArgi-9+ since September 2011 and Soul since March 2010. I don’t have all the medical concerns some folks have, thus I started taking these products for nutritional benefits. I have lost 35 lbs in 2 years and can now say I am wearing the same jean size as when I was in High School and anm now smaller than my pre-baby years!

—Tammy Kopp, USA
Written Testimonials
Pat Erdmann

I believe the ProArgi9 that I have taken over the last 6 years saved my life and ability to still do my genealogy and other things. I did not lose any of my abilities. I went to a conference 2 weeks later, a little weak, but still got a lot out of the conference. I have small lapses of trying to remember things, but they do come back to me within a day at least. I am so grateful to all of you for teaching me about the proargi9 and being a part of the business to help pay for it. I and Mike do not believe I would still be here without it. I have upped my intake to 7 scoops a day for now. I don’t want any more strokes.
I am watching what I eat, exercising, and learning how not to get stressed, or handle it if I do.

My church has a new goal, and I think it applies to all things that are good in our lives:
Discover this wonderful V3 program. My blood tests show that i am on the alkaline side of healing.
Embrace the products and use them consistently.
Share the knowledge you have of what the products can and will do for you and others.

—Pat Erdmann

Donald Clarke

I was accustomed to being able to walk 18 holes of golf at my local club. In the 2004 and 2005 seasons, I could only complete one round on the Vioxx Medication and using a golf cart. Coming to the end of the 2005 season, after the recall of Vioxx (http://www.drugs.com/vioxx.html), I heard about a new drug called Plavix. At the end of the 2006 season, I wanted to try anything since by this time I was only able to walk about 5 or 6 holes before my legs would ache so badly I could only play nine holes. I had my annual in the spring of 2007 and my doctor informed me of an irregular heartbeat and set an appointment with the cardiologist specialist who confirmed and sent me off to the hospital to have my heart checked.

The cardiologist found nothing wrong with my heart and sent me back for further tests at the clinic. After an Ankle Biracial Index test, I was diagnosed and it was confirmed; severe Peripheral Arterial Disease, 41% in the right and 31% in the left – in June of 2007. Placed on an L-Arginine usage for 6 weeks, my arteries showed considerable improvement. I was reintroduced to the product in 2012 and have been using ProArgi-9+ ever since. I love and believe in it so much, I have become a full time distributor since last year. A follow-up visit to my clinic this month after having gone through test in December shows I am a 66 year old man with arteries as clear as a 29 year old.

“The Secret is Out”; Say “YES” to ProArgi-9+!

–Donald Clarke

Bob Bauer

In January of 2010 I returned from Korea after I lost my wife of twelve years. My health was in poor shape I was on the verge of high blood pressure and diabetes and suffered from COPD due to over 35 years of smoking. My very good friend Lillian Vergin (who is a distributor for Synergy) told me that she had something that would help me. Without any hesitation I started drinking ProArgi9 two scoops in the morning and two scoops in the evening. My health started to improve and the doctors did not know what to do because I was still borderline diabetic. I stopped drinking ProArgi9 for reasons beyond me and when I went to the doctor my 1AC was now 7.8 and I was told that I was diabetic and also had high blood pressure along with my CODP.
I took my medicine that was proscribed to me by my doctor Metformin for the diabetes and Losartan for the high blood pressure. Also prescribed were Spiriva and Dulera for the COPD. And to think this could have been prevented if I would have continued to drink the ProArgi9. I also started drinking ProArgi9 again as well as the medicine. When I went back to the doctor a few months later he asked me how I got my 1AC down to 6.0 and I told him that I was drinking ProArgi9 and he told me to continue to take it. I did continue to take it daily until I got stupid and stopped drinking it again and when I went back to the doctor my 1AC was 7.1 and my doctor told me that I was to get my number down or he would give me something for my sugar. I am taking the ProArgi9 daily and will continue to do so because I see what happens when you stop taking it. I go back to my doctor and I am sure that my 1AC will be below 7.0.
I no longer wear glasses to drive and my retirement physical I was told that my eyes have made a dramatic change that my glasses are doing me no good. I no longer need glasses to see the keys on the computer like before. I do not where glasses now and it is because of the ProArgi9 that has cleaned out my veins and also the small blood vessels that are in the eyes. I am now taking Chlorophyll and Mistica daily and I see a change to my breathing when I take the Chlorophyll it opens up my breathing and I can breathe easier.
I am so happy that I had a friend like Lillian that cared enough about me to show me this product. This product works I know it works. I also know what happens when you stop taking it. My goal is to be medicine free and I can get there with the help of ProArgi9, Chlorophyll and Mistica. Oh, by the way after the insurance pays there part I pay $ 91.00 for the Spiriva and $56.00 for the Dulera a month just to be able to breath. So if you think the product coast too much wait till you start paying for prescription medicine. Just saying.
My name is Robert J. Bauer and this is my testimony about the greatest products on the market by the greatest company SYNERGY. I am so glad I have it in my life. Thank you LILLIAN and thank you SYNERGY.I am going to leave a legacy and I hope you will too.

–Bob Bauer

Rene’e La Montagne


–Rene’e La Montagne

Willa Holgate

ProArgi9+ has absolutely given me my life back!

I was going to make this short and sweet and just tell you how ProArg9+ has helped me recover from cancer treatment. I was going to tell you I’ve heard that 90.5% of people who’ve had cancer treatment die of cardiovascular (CV) disease. There is even a new medical specialty called Cardio-oncology (or you might also hear it referred to as Onco-cardiology) to deal with this emerging finding. I was going to tell you, while I couldn’t find it via google, it logically follows, I believe, that the chemo and radiation I underwent to nuke my cancer cells damaged my endothelium which then led to many of the symptoms I experienced post-treatment. And is a major factor in the cause of CV disease and high mortality rates in cancer survivors.
But there is a little bit more to it than that. My story actually began before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

1 > As I was promoted in my career, I spent less time in the field where I was fairly active and more time behind a desk. Not only did I NOT get regular exercise but my stress level grew with my pay grade.

2 > I smoked – off and on I guess, for probably 25 years. I wasn’t a heavy smoker – usually just three or four a day, certainly never more than half a pack. But still … I’m happy to report I don’t do that anymore. When I got rid of the stressful career, I got rid of the stress relieving cigarettes!

3 > I didn’t have time to prepare nutritious meals. I had Stouffer’s Lasagna, Chicken Viola, and mac & cheese and hot dogs more often than I care to admit.

4 > To add insult to injury, menopause was kicking my rear. I swear, I hadn’t had a good night sleep in over 2 years.

So when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 51 years old, I already had some symptoms that indicate the early stages of CV disease. I was experiencing restless legs, my body ached all the time, I had no energy, I had hot flashes and I spent most nights tossing and turning. I was tired all the time and I was a grump – just ask my husband! Then I threw in cancer treatment and added to the list: chemo brain, hair and nails that wouldn’t grow, dry and flakey skin, constipation, getting up 2 or 3 times a night to go to the bathroom …
Basically, when I was introduced to ProArgi9+, that was October of 2011, I really, really felt old. And according to my Cardio Pulse Wave analysis, I was much older inside than my 54 years would indicate: I had the blood vessels of a 70 year old.
I’ve been on Proargi9+ now for almost three years and I feel like I remember feeling in my early 40’s! The first gift of ProArgi9 was blessed sleep. Within three months at 2 scoops a day I was sleeping again. And I didn’t hurt anymore! And gradually the rest is returning. No more hot flashes, my hair and nails are growing long and strong, my skin is moist, my bowels are regular, I have energy, and my mental functioning is returning. My husband used to say “Of all the things you’ve lost, I miss your mind the most.” But now I’m baa-ack! And I owe it to ProArgi9+!

–Willa Holgate

Debbie Miller

“I was diagnosised with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001 and worked very hard not to let that define me. Try as I might, there was only so much I could do and I was losing the battle. Fatigue, cognitive problems and bowel & bladder disorders are common symptoms and ones that had become particularly challenging for me. I tried a few prescriptions to help relieve the symptoms, but they had side effects that brought new, different challenges. Luckily, I decided to listen to a friend of mine who insisted that I try ProArgi9+. After two weeks on PA+, my energy improved. I was sure I was dreaming or that it was a “placebo effect”. After six weeks, I was thinking more clearly than I had in years, and I was able to expand my productivity from 3 hours a day to 8, and then 10! I got my life back! I have been on PA+ since July 2012 and am gaining new benefits all the time. The last visit to my neurologist confirmed that my vitamin D numbers have shot up from 25 to 111. High levels of vitamin D are unheard of in the world of MS. I can’t wait to see what new surprises are in store! What is your health challenge? Is it worth a 90 day, money back guarantee?”

–Debbie Miller

Diane Haunschild

In May, 2011 waiting for the snow to melt in Wyoming we attended a presentation at an RV Park. We were shown videos of Dr. Prendergast, Dr. Siva and his High Desert Heart Institute study and several testimonials from people who were on Nitric Oxide Therapy. I was tested on the B-Pro machine and at age 67 had the heart of a 91 year old! My blood pressure was 168/90. We got started that very day taking the ProArgi 9+!! Three months later, when retested my heart age was in the low 80’s by November it was 51. My blood pressure dropped to 110/70.

For almost a year I had slept with hand wraps (due to carpel tunnel pain) and was scheduled for surgery that summer. One night I forgot to bring my wraps with me on an overnight and had no pain in my hands or arms! I left them off for another 6 days with no return of symptoms. My doctor cancelled the surgery saying “we won’t do surgery if the symptoms are gone!”

In November, 2012 I had a total knee replacement due to a bone on bone situation with my left knee. The healing was so remarkably fast that within days I was able do the exercises with little pain. I attained the 90 degrees in a few days of physical therapy and the 125 degree bend on my own three weeks after that. All the therapists were amazed with the healing and several are now customers of ours using Pro Argi 9+.

In November, 2013 I had my right knee replacement done with the same exceptional results, fast healing, 90 degrees attained with days and 125 degrees within weeks. Having a wonderful, competent surgeon perform a perfect procedure complemented by accelerated wound healing that only Nitric Oxide can provide allowed me in the words of my therapist to be a point at the end of two weeks where most patients are at the end of six weeks!

The best clinical explanation of how this vasodilator clears the arteries and heals wounded tissue (surgery) can be viewed at www.screencast.com/t/cfpsHPvP. This is presented by a brilliant physiologist, Dan Hammer from Chicago.

Going from Customer status to Distributor status was a natural step for us and over the last two years we have shared the experience and our success using ProArgi9+ with hundreds of people who have also reported significant improvement in a variety of areas. (Reduced Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, PAD relief, Migraines and Inflammatory Issues).

If you know or meet someone who is considering or having surgery of any type, reducing their recovery time is a wonderful gift.

–Diane Haunschild

David Perkkio

My name is David Perkkio and I live in Cody, Wyoming. This letter comes as a testimonial for the benefits of using a health supplement called, “ProArgi-9+ commonly known as L-Arginine a dietary supplement.

I was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider in 2002 that took my life and health away leaving me disabled with multiple organ failures and many other medical issues. Recovery was not expected and if so, I would be left with disabilities.

For 10 years I had chronic fatigue that left me exhausted and bedridden one third or more of my days. I was identified as disabled with many medical issues and would be monitored as an outpatient for life. My outlook was very grim.

Then two years ago I was introduced to Arginine by Donna Bassett and this became a life changing experience. Although I remain with many medical issues surrounding my multiple organ damage, the benefits of Arginine has been amazing.

Today I no longer spend my days in bed. Much of my energy has returned and I am now productive and very alert once again. Lack of stamina, strength and a foggy mind were big isues. Today I am able to remain on my feet most of the day and have returned to many outdoor activities. Without Arginine this would not have been possible. Independent living was becoming very questionable. Today at age 69 I am independent without assistance from others and able to continue living in the country alone. Without hesitation I would recommend this product to anyone who has issues with fatigue or lack energy. The benefits of this product are many. I truly believe this product has given me most of my life back to live as normal a life as possible.

–David Perkkio

Denise Workman

I am a 62 year old retired healthcare worker. On September 24, 2012, I had a cosmetic surgery to lift and tighten my neck, jouls, and eyelids. I was aware that I would have some post-op pain, swelling and discoloration. The 24 hour post-op exam went well and I was pleased with the results.
The next day however, the swelling increased and I totally overreacted. I have a family history of anxiety disorder and my first reaction was to rush back to the surgeon’s office to see if I was going to be okay. He calmly assured me everything was fine, and to my surprise the swelling disappeared on the way home.
My next appointment was my 2 week follow-up. I felt so good and looked even better. I was really impressed and so was my surgeon! I truly believe he was very surprised as he told me that I looked more like I should at 4-5 weeks out and not 2 weeks, which to the day was how long it had been since my surgery.
My swelling and discoloration were completely gone and my incisions were barely noticeable I couldn’t believe it! Over the next few weeks I continued to heal more and more to the point where people were asking me what I was doing and how I recovered so fast.
That is when I began telling people that my son Dr Brian Workman recommended I start taking the ProArgi9 at least a month prior to the surgery at 4 scoops per day. He said, Mom it will significantly aid in the healing process and speed recovery time. Boy was he right! Just ask my surgeon how surprised he was that someone my age can recover so miraculously.
In the last few weeks I have been researching skin care products that my plastic surgeon recommends for aging skin and wound care etc. Arginine tends to appear over and over in the list of ingredients. I would highly recommend this product to anyone undergoing surgery as well as any physician for their patients to recover faster and feel better.

–Denise Workman

Alia Vanzhov
I’ve had Crohn’s disease for 20 years, I had dozens of surgeries,and I’d felt ill for those first 20 years! The worst incident had me in hospital for 6 weeks, when the four IV’s and central line wasn’t improving my situation and my organs were on the verge of failure it was decided that I needed surgery. They tried all of the medications available for my disease and none worked. They removed 8 feet of my large intestine and most of my colon and created a stoma for an illiostomy bag to give my bowels rest. I was told by my specialist that I could be reconnected if I stayed remission for six months. I did and was reconnected, but I had to start a regime of trial medications, as I was then allergic to all other Crohn’s medications. I was on Humira, for ten years, injecting my stomach weekly. It works by suppressing your immune system, which means I caught any bug going around, I had severe allergies, chronic sinusitis, migraines, and depression. The drug also causes high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and my next visit I was to be prescribed medication for that. I was not okay with that, so I contacted my cousin Nick, who has a natural clinic, he’s a naturopath and homeopath. He said we’d only be treating the symptoms caused by the drug which would be a vicious circle. He then immediately recommended Synergy’s Vital 3.
I started taking the V3 and within months my health completely turned around, I had energy which I’d never felt before, I slept better and woke up feeling rested. I’ve been taking our products for almost five years and I can say they have saved my life and caused miracles in my health that my doctors cannot explain. I’ve been off all medications for about two and a half years, which is unheard of with severe Crohn’s! I’ve never been this healthy, I have no health issues! I have a very healthy three year old that I was told would take a miracle to happen. He also takes the V3 daily and has only had one minor cold in his entire life, he’s a very active and healthy little boy.
I’m proud to say I’m a working stay at home mom, which allows me to spend plenty of time raising Dexter. The Synergy advantage makes it simple to work for yourself when you want to and as a mom that is important to me. I love the freedom, opportunities, and amazing health that Synergy has provided to me and I will be forever grateful[.]
–Alia Vanzhov
Stan & Marilyn Hamilton

“My wife, Marilyn and I have been using ProArgi-9+ (4 scoops per day) for about seven weeks now. Over the decades, we have spent thousands of dollars on various supplements, none of which resulted in any notable benefits, so we were really cautious about ProArgi-9+.

Within the first month, we began to gradually notice improvements with our own individual health issues. I’m 68 years old with multiple health concerns and within the first couple of weeks I started noticing I was becoming less stiff and sore in my daily activities. Prior to ProArgi-9+ I started thinking that soreness and stiffness was a normal part of aging! Marilyn has been dealing with poor circulation for years, which has required much attention by both herself and her doctors. To our surprise, her circulation has already started improving.

–Stan & Marilyn Hamilton

Paula Laumatia

“I have been using ProArgi-9+ for almost one year and I can no longer go without it. If you were to ask anyone that knows me, I use to suffer from leg aches for many years — now I don’t! I love ProArgi-9+!”

–Paula Laumatia

Mark Gould

“I have been in practice now for over 15 years and this is the one product that I have been most excited about. I am amazed at the results I am seeing in my patients on a daily basis.”

–Mark Gould

Jake Prazak

I currently hold two all-time historical bench press records – 909 lbs. in the 220 lbs. weight class and 920 lbs. in the 242 lbs. weight class. Even though my strength increased and was able to successfully set two bench press records, I still wasn’t entirely convinced about ProArgi-9+ – so I decided to test it on another sample of 6 people. While on the product, each of these six people improved their performance and reported how good they felt. I now recognize that ProArgi-9+ is an incredible product and will continue using it as part of my nutritional regimen. Thank you Synergy for helping me achieve my lifelong goal of achieving an All-Time World Bench Press Record…not one, but two! I also feel the healthiest I have ever felt. Next goal is to be the lightest ever to bench press 1000 lbs!”

–Jake Prazak

Bob Johnson

When getting my recent Pacemaker interrogation, my cardiologist turned to me and stated “I have good news for you.  Your heart has returned to normal pacing.”  I immediately recalled one of our renowned doctors familiar with Proargi9+ stating that Proargi9+ eventually remodels the damaged or weakened heart, arteries, and veins.  I interpreted the cardiologist’s statement to be evidence that my heart has improved.  Now there is less atrial fibrillation and less heartbeat under 60 beats per minute.(the Pacemaker was set to “kick in” if pulse dropped below 60 BPM.) The cardiologist felt that my heart would function normally during active day time hours with “normal pacing”. The electrocardiogram trace from the prior visit was erratic.  The current trace is normal. Thank God and Proargi9+.

–Bob Johnson

Eileen Romney

We have generations of cardiovascular disease in our family.  I began to show the signs of the disease with plaque buildup in my carotid arteries.  After taking ProArgi-9+ for several months, my plaque buildup had significantly decreased.  This time my arteries were almost clear.  I am delighted with the results from taking ProArgi-9Plus and have shared this with friends and family.

–Eileen Romney

Jean LaVallie

I had a significant rise in blood pressure, sometimes as high as 240/140.  It terrified me.  I decided to go on a quest to find a natural high blood pressure cure.  I tried everything and nothing brought my blood pressure down.  My one risk factor was a family history of hypertension.  I finally took medication but that didn’t even help.   After starting on ProArgi-9Plus, I felt a definite improvement in my energy level with stronger work outs and better results.  It has taken me nine months on ProArgi-9 Plus but today my blood pressure is as low as 120/70.  Find out how ProArgi-9Plus is helping so many people improve their overall health and wellness and making a significant difference in their blood pressure.

— Jean LaVallie

Lynda Pyrah

Heart arrhythmia, including Bradycardia (when the heart beats slower than normal) and Tachycardia (where the heart beats abnormally fast), is very prevalent in our family.  After several doctor visits, prescribed medication, and spending an afternoon in the ER, the addition of ProArgi-9+ supplement taken daily, has eliminated all of my symptoms for over five years.   Many other members of my family, have also experienced wonderful results, as they have begun to take this wonderful supplement.  I would recommend it to any person that is suffering with any abnormal heart rhythms.

–Lynda Pyrah

Bob & Bonnie Wischmeier



I was introduced to ProArgi-9+ in the fall of 2010.
John Hewlett took me to lunch and spoke to me about the product and a little about the business opportunity. It’s interesting because I wasn’t looking for a nutritional supplement or a business opportunity. I had a good job and was in fairly good shape, albeit I was a little thin at the time. In any event, John gave me a copy of Dr. Louis Ignarro’s book, “NO More Heart Disease”. I wasn’t interested in reading a book on heart disease either! But John had credibility with me and was a friend, so I took out the book one evening and began what has become, a fascinating journey of discovery and excitement!

Armed with the Nobel Prize winning research of Dr. Ignarro and his associates, I determined that I wanted to try the ProArgi-9+ for myself. John gave my wife Bonnie and me two canisters and we immediately started on two scoops a day. It was an interesting experience for both of us. After just a few days, I was looking at Bonnie as she came into the kitchen and I commented that she “just looked better”. She is a lovely woman anyway, but there was a look of peacefulness on her face. I think it is best described as her “countenance”. We talked about it, and she indicated that she was sleeping better and that she had an “overall sense of well being, such as she had never experienced before. It showed. I was sold. Then we watched with wonder as her blood pressure began to come down. That next summer, at her annual physical, her Doctor, Teresa Borino, told her that whatever she was doing, keep it up! It was, according to Dr. Borino, the single best physical Bonnie had ever had as her patient of many years! What Doctor didn’t know, was that Bonnie had been off her blood pressure medication for months! Now she didn’t just stop taking it. As her readings began to come down, she first broke the tablet in half, then again later, into quarters. Then she was taking a quarter tablet every other day until she simply quit taking it altogether.

I too have had a profound response to the ProArgi-9+. Like Bonnie, there has been this over reaching sense of “well being” that is hard to describe, but very real. It’s pretty hard to quantify “I feel better” but there can be no argument regarding test results. I had the opportunity to have a Cardio Pulse Analysis done just as we were getting started on the ProArgi-9+. It wasn’t good. My CASP (Central Aortic Systolic Pressure) reading was 149. The highest number on the graph, for a compromised 90 year old man, was 133. This was not good! Three months later I had another test. This time my CASP score had dropped by 29 points. Good, but still not great. However, six months after the first test, my CASP had dropped to 103! That’s the heart age of young man in his twenties! I was so pleased, and I felt better than I had in years! For over three years, Bonnie and I have taken our PA9 every day, never missing a single day. It has been life changing for us both! We’re grateful for this remarkable product. As Dane Iorg says, it is the most significant medical discovery of our generation!

We have a mission at hand, to “Save a Million Lives”, and we look forward to sharing what we have discovered with our friend and family across the globe!

–Bob & Bonnie Wischmeier

Caron Barr, RN

In 2009, the 68-year-old agreed to be part of a study at The High Desert Heart Institute in Victorville, California. “These patients were very, very sick in terms of congestive heart failure, hypertension, obesity— patients who had already maximized medical management,” says Dr. Siva Arunasalam, the institute’s founder, president, and a quadruple board certified cardiologist. What did Dr. Siva give the 33 patients in the study? ProArgi-9+, an all natural whole food supplement. 

“Physicians are very hesitant to do anything nutritional because they think it’s voodoo medicine,” Dr. Siva explains. But ProArgi-9+ has hard science behind it. It is based on Nobel Prize winning medical research from 1998, the discovery of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a tiny molecule produced by the body to keep the cardiovascular system free of plaque that can cause strokes and heart attacks. It relaxes the arteries, which increases blood flow and oxygen to all parts of the body. Dr. Siva calls it “the ultimate vasodilator.”

A complex metabolic pathway converts L-arginine, an amino acid, into nitric oxide. But L-arginine only lasts for a few seconds. L-citrulline, another amino acid, prolongs the life of the L-arginine. One scoop of Pro- Argi-9+ contains five grams of pure, bio-available L-arginine, plus naturally- derived L-citrulline and a proprietary blend of antioxidants. Dr. Siva says ProArgi-9+ transforms your veins and arteries from “a dirt road into a four- lane super highway.”

That is critically important because heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women worldwide. ProArgi-9+ helps prevent and treat heart disease and strokes.

Everyday stress creates inflammation in the body by constricting blood vessels. This causes large amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol, to be released. When cortisol levels rise, so do insulin and blood sugar levels, which increase appetite and ultimately produce weight gain. Long-standing inflammation can lead to plaque buildup within the entire circulatory system—there are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our bodies! ProArgi-9+ works to counteract this stress response.

After 90 days of a therapeutic dose of ProArgi-9+ (two scoops in the morning, two scoops at night), Dr. Siva was stunned by the changes in the 33 patients. “I expected a marginal improvement in the symptoms… What we ended up seeing was remarkable, positive, remodeling of the heart, positive pulmonary artery changes, pulmonary vascular changes…”

The quality of life for all the patients improved dramatically. Plus there was a decrease in blood pressure, glucose and creatinine levels, LDL cholesterol, a 25% reduction in c-reactive proteins and 40% drop in triglycerides. Peripheral blood flow to the feet increased by 16%, HDL cholesterol went up 18%, magnesium by 35% (even though there is no magnesium in the product), and Vitamin D by 183%. “This is what nitric oxide does—improves the small circulation so each tissue gets enough blood, enough nutrients.”

That is why a rheumatologist referred 56-year-old Lorrie LaCasse to Dr. Siva in 2012. Lorrie suffered from severe Raynaud’s syndrome. Lorrie’s mother had to brush her teeth because it was excruciating for her to hold a toothbrush. Her circulation was so poor, the tip of her index finger was falling off on its own. When Dr. Siva first saw her, “She was auto-amputating. Her fingers were necrotic. They were thinking of amputating her fingers… because it was so painful. The fingertips were all black… She wanted to die.”

Dr. Siva put Lorrie on combination therapy—ProArgi-9+ and a prescription drug. That kind of integrative medicine lets doctors monitor the results and become more confident in nutritional supplements. Dr. Siva was amazed by Lorrie’s results. “You know what? After a week, her pain went away.”

Ten months later, Lorrie’s hands looked completely normal. Dr. Siva doesn’t see her anymore because she’s no longer sick. She’s off all narcotic pain medication. “She just takes the supplement and that’s that.”

Dr. Siva is now using ProArgi-9+ before and after surgery. Most of his patients who undergo bypass surgery or angioplasty are given it as soon as possible. And his patients who use high doses (six scoops per day) two weeks before elective procedures “have no infection, their recovery time is incredibly quick, they’re up and around…”

Since the 2009 study, Dr. Siva has put more than 1000 patients on ProArgi-9+. He’s seen the greatest changes in patients with angina and four other groups: those with “peripheral vascular disease, Raynaud’s, patients with accelerated hypertension, and pulmonary hypertension. We see night and day differences.”

He says, “There is no age limit. I have patients who are 13, 14 who are regularly taking it. …we have multiple patients above the age of 90 taking it who have no issues.”

Patients are often able to be weaned off statins and other drugs with harmful side effects, and rely solely on ProArgi-9+ to regulate blood pressure and other conditions.

Relaxing blood vessels and decreasing stress on the cardiovascular system is imperative for the chronically ill. But Dr. Siva says it’s important for everyone. He believes ProArgi-9+ is the best preventative “medicine.” That’s why he takes two scoops a day – one scoop 30 minutes before exercising, another scoop an hour after. “I can tell you the days I don’t take it, I cannot reach the levels I want to reach.” ProArgi-9+ increases endurance and stamina, while decreasing lactic acid and recovery time.

Now, four years after the High Desert Institute Study, Illya Pupovac is still taking ProArgi-9+. Since he started taking the supplement, he hasn’t been hospitalized, his blood pressure is 120 over 68, and his daily workout includes 120 sit-ups, 40 push-ups, 220 squats, and a four-mile run. Not bad for a 72-year-old man who had maxed out on medical care.

Dr. Siva explains that, “If you look at the guys involved in sports, L-arginine is well accepted. Physicians who are in rehab, it is well accepted. But it is taking a little bit longer for cardiologists to come on board. We have to be more vocal about it.”

Especially since cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer and Dr. Siva has seen such positive benefits using ProArgi-9+. Hippocrates Health Institute is joining with Dr. Siva and the High Desert Heart Institute to spread the word.

Carol Williams

Before my body shut down, I was an Executive Producer at NBC News. I loved going to work. And every day I went, I knew I was sick.

I was sick my entire life but no one believed me because I was so high functioning. I had migraines at 16, fainting spells at 18, intestinal disorders in my 20s, and the first of three skin cancers in my 30s. In 2002, I had a “stroke.” I was in a script meeting when the right side of my face fell, my left arm went stiff, my tongue swelled and I couldn’t swallow. I was rushed to the ER and spent the next three days in the ICU stroke unit undergoing a myriad of tests including MRIs and a spinal tap. Turns out I didn’t have a stroke, or a TIA, or MS even though there was plaque on my brain scans. I left, as always, not knowing what I had.

After that, I couldn’t feel my face, or my arms and legs, hands and feet. I couldn’t hold on to things and my penmanship changed. My doctors dismissed me again. Even though I knew I could not control my body, I stopped mentioning any physical ailment because they made me feel like I was going crazy.

In 2006, my eyelids stopped closing completely and my corneas kept tearing in the same spots. I was told I’d be blind soon unless I had major surgery to reposition my eyelids. After the operation, my eyes were stitched closed for 11 days. I stayed focused on my latest project at work to keep from worrying about going blind.

A few months after the project was unveiled in 2007, I gained 30 pounds of inflammation. I had pitting edema throughout my body and my fingernails became thick, yellow and curved. I couldn’t move and I was having trouble breathing. I went on
a three-month odyssey to numerous specialists in search of a diagnosis. Because of the inflammation and the hawk-like nails, this time they all admitted I was sick. But no one knew what I had.

The ninth doctor I saw, a rheumatoid arthritis expert at the Hospital for Special Surgery, said she’d recently heard a lecture by Dr. Peter Green, the head of the Celiac Disease Center, who said if you have someone with lots of confusing symptoms, test for celiac. In March 2008, I finally found out I had celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disease I’d had since birth. I’d spent 35 years looking for a diagnosis. The average time to diagnosis for a celiac patient is nine years because the symptoms are so confounding.

Celiac explained the migraines and intestinal disorders. I also had Sjogren’s Syndrome, which accounted for the dry eyes and seizures; and vitiligo, which may have affected the skin cancer. The celiac disease had eaten away the nerves in my extremities and my face, along with the villi in my intestines. There is no cure for celiac. You are simply told to eliminate wheat, rye, barley and gluten from your diet.

I changed my diet immediately. A year later, I was in the same place. I’d stopped the progress of the disease, but I spent all my time in bed. My kidneys and liver were getting worse. My internist said I was the sickest person she’d ever seen who hadn’t come from a hospital.

When my doctors said there was nothing else I could do, I went looking for things on my own. I learned about Hippocrates Health Institute’s incredible success rate with extremely ill people, so in May 2009, I went. It was a startling education. After three weeks of detoxing and healing, I left knowing I’d turned a corner.

A few months later, a baseball-size benign tumor was found in my cecum. I was determined to get rid of it on my own, so I did more research and discovered ProArgi-9+. PA+ increases blood flow and oxygen while decreasing toxins and waste. In five months, the tumor was gone. So was the inflammation throughout my body. I kept taking PA+ and started getting some energy back. I began taking Pilates. I stopped using my three inhalers. I regained feeling in parts of my extremities. And I could focus again — mental clarity was an enormous relief. The changes were huge. ProArgi-9+ gave me quality of life. I became a product of the product.

In January 2012, I went back to Hippocrates for a week to detox again. During my intake, nurse Caron Barr recognized my voice. She said I reminded her of someone who’d been there before but she was in really bad shape — couldn’t see, breathe or move well. When I explained I was that person, she asked what I’d done to improve so much. After I told her, she went to her desk and picked up a book. She was reading NO More Heart Disease. ProArgi-9+ is based on the Nobel Prize winning medical research in that book.

After a year of due diligence explaining the whole food source of every ingredient in PA+, Hippocrates began recommending ProArgi-9+ to its patients in January 2013. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to know some good will come out of this difficult journey.

Nurse Caron wasn’t the only one to notice the positive changes in me after taking PA+. So have two of my conservative mainstream doctors. Both saw from my blood tests that my cardiac and endothelium markers are off-the-charts good (surprising for someone with three autoimmune diseases…) and asked what I was doing. Both of them are now trying ProArgi-9+ themselves.

My illnesses have given me access to some of the most prestigious medical institutions and the most renowned doctors. It is my goal to introduce this product to as many healthcare providers as possible and help as many people as I can.