Executive Team

Built on foundation of leadership and experience, the Synergy Executive Team is driven to empower our Team Members in the pursuit of health, service and happiness.


Dan HigginsonWhen Dan Higginson founded Synergy, he envisioned a company that would procure tangible changes in people’s lives—a company that would leave a legacy for good. His business background, blended with his desire to help others, makes him the perfect leader for this international company. Dan offers Synergy Team Members a wealth of knowledge and experience that he gained as a corporate leader, motivator, trainer, and consultant, and he conveys a philanthropic ambition that inspires others to give.

Dan began his career as a team leader for the Covey Leadership Center of renowned Franklin Covey where he emerged as a dynamic spokesman in the arena of personal growth and corporate management. His emphasis on exemplary leadership role models within the work place resulted in numerous consulting opportunities throughout corporate America and Asia. Dan traveled nationally and internationally in an effort to share his insights and management skills with numerous companies and he continues to travel the world as he shares his vision of Synergy. His leadership of Synergy has garnered the company national recognition and universal respect in the network marketing industry.

Dan’s desire to help others extends beyond his contributions to Synergy. He sits on the board of numerous charitable organizations, including the Board of Chancellors for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and he assumes an instrumental role in many philanthropic efforts.


Dan HigginsonDan Norman is a driving force behind Synergy’s success. During his time as President, he has taken the company across the globe, introduced new products, solidified the opportunity, and expanded the Synergy family. Dan has many years of experience in the network marketing industry and an extensive background in all aspects of information technology. Throughout his career, he has opened more than two dozen countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has come to love the people he gets to meet while traveling and he truly enjoys watching others succeed. Dan is a commanding and personable leader who is known for his ability to get things done.


Dan HigginsonSince joining Synergy, Stewart has positively affected the lives and businesses of people throughout North America and Europe. His extensive experience and aggressive strategies have proven advantageous as he opens markets and focuses on Team Member support and activity. The results of his actions are quantitative — we have recently seen some of the biggest increases in sales and activity in Synergy history, and the European and North American markets continue to grow and expand.

Stewart understands that the heart of Synergy is its Team Members and he often finds himself on the road visiting distributors in their communities throughout the United States, Canada, Central Europe, and Scandinavia. His focus on Team Member relations and support has led to the creation of beneficial training and promotional programs that have accelerated our growth and activity. He was also instrumental in developing our US Advisory Board which has been a great asset to the growth in North America.

Stewart graduated from Brigham Young University in international studies with an emphasis in global economics.


Dan HigginsonAs the former Synergy General Manager for Japan and more recently as Executive Director of Asia, Ben was tasked with overseeing the Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong markets. He has been influential in unifying the Asian leaders and in acquiring new notable Team Members throughout the eastern world.

Ben has worked in the industry for over 16 years during which time he managed global training, support services, and market affairs, supported and cultivated top leaders, and analyzed operations. His leadership skills are amplified by his open and generous heart. He has embraced Synergy’s mission to leave a legacy and has headed projects in the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, and the Amazon rainforest.

Now, as Vice President, Ben’s focus is specifically on the Japan market. He is achieving quantifiable results in Team Member advancement, product expansion, and leadership growth. Ben has a degree from Brigham Young University in Asian studies with a focus in business and Japanese.


Miriam KimSince 2009, Miriam Kim has been an incredible asset to Synergy WorldWide. Her talents in leadership and organization have been a key factor in the success of the Korean market, and her abilities to develop and execute effective business strategy contribute to a bright future for Team Members in Korea and abroad.

With an impressive career spanning over 30 years of management, marketing and administration, Miriam has earned a reputation based on the best principles of business. Her example of kindness, honesty and work ethic has been valued by her staff and associates throughout her career, and continues to be valued by all who work with her at Synergy.

Miriam earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea. She is fluent in English and has a passion for literature and service. She is dedicated to the growth of Synergy WorldWide and its mission to help people leave a legacy.